For over 30 years we have been involved in all aspects of the flooring industry. Our company is directed by our flooring customers’ needs. We have developed programs and solutions to fill those needs that meet the market demands at the same time keeping costs competitive.

One of the biggest issues we have found in the industry is the availability of trims that meet the quality standards required of flooring installation companies. We have taken on that challenge and developed a full line of molding trims that solves the problems in the field.

EP Primed Trims – Primed trims that are at the big box retailers or millwork houses are milled to softwood tolerances. This means that mis-milling, bowing bending and twisting is allowed. Encircle Products goes to great lengths to ensure that our molding products are milled problem free to hardwood standards not softwood! Every piece is double primed and Q.C. checked to be perfectly milled giving you far less field waste, saving time and labor.

EP Painted Trims – A universal Semi-Gloss white paint is applied during manufacturing, eliminating the extra step of painting after installation. Touch up is easy after mitering using Elmer’s white wood filler. If you need to match the white for your other trim go to any Sherwin Williams location and ask for Encircle trim color #.

EP Veneer Wrapped Unfinished Trims – Pre-sanded fixed lengths available in all your most common flooring profiles. With over 80% of the flooring sold today being engineered, our veneer wrapped trims offer a cost savings over traditional high priced solid trims. Not only is there a cost saving but the veneer wrapped when finished coordinates better that a solid trim.